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FbCadCam open source software By Owen Reese

opreese@gmail.com (407) 655-8537

author of fbcadcam owen reese
Although I served my country
in the Navy (1985 - 1991),
I wear my son's hat as he is
serving the in the Army as a medic
and is currently stationed at Fort Drum, NY.

This website (FBcadcam.com / FBcadcam.net / FBcadcam.org)

Has been donated to the FreeBasic.net community and entrusted to one of the Freebasic.net community members KURON
Like myself, Kuron is ex-military.
While I served in the United States of America's Naval Submarine Service, Kuron served in the United States of America's Army.

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